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This is the ONLY course for businesses, brands, and budding creators to learn the exact strategies to build an audience, get more leads, and make more sales on the fastest growing social media platform *WITHOUT posting 5-7x a day*!


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I want to master TikTok!!

Is making videos on TikTok becoming just another FULL TIME JOB!?

Are you wondering why your views are sitting at 200!?

Do you second-guess every single video you put out there!?

Are you burning out trying to post multiple times a day!?

Do you wish that TikTok growth and success was just... EASY!?

Then let me tell you a little secret...

Consistency ISN'T Key

Contrary to what you're hearing, posting 5x a day on TikTok IS NOT the key to success.
Consistency. Ain't. It.
(& if you have ADHD like me, then you're probably also thinking 'thank GOD for that')
But if it's not about "consistency", then what IS it about!?!?
This. ⬇️
🍾 Knowing your dream customers SO well that your videos are actually getting on their For You Page.
🍾 Knowing what types of videos work best so you're ALWAYS getting past that 200 view mark.
🍾 Knowing the current trends on the platforms so you can take advantage of the algorithm.

Introducing an easy-to-follow course that makes mastering TikTok EASY for small businesses, brands, & budding creators that DOESN'T require posting every damn day! 

I want to go viral on TikTok!

After gaining 80,000 followers on TikTok in under 24 hours with just ONE video 🀯 (& helping hundreds of clients do the exact same thing!)...

I'm sharing the exact strategies, scripts, and ideas in Be Seen On TikTok that allowed me to go from completely unemployed to hiring my older sister in less than half a year.

WITHOUT EVER being ✨consistent✨.

Oh hey there, I’m Kelsey!

Consider me your Marketing Mixologist — serving up perfectly crafted content strategies that are intentionally customized for YOU and YOUR biz. (Because watered-down marketing methods are a thing of the past.)
I’ve helped over 100 small business owners & brands scale the shit out of their business by understanding exactly how to show up on TikTok.

“You explain how to use TikTok in a way that finally makes sense.”

& the results from my previous clients prove it. ⬇

Be Seen On TikTok


✩ 9 Pre-Recorded Video Modules Walking You Through Everything You Need To Know To Be Successful On TikTok

✩ A Downloadable Workbook To Create Your Brand New TikTok Content Pillars

✩ Strategies You Won't Hear Anywhere Else To Master TikTok Marketing

Jon Be Seen On TikTok TODAY!

Here's Everything You'll Learn In Be Seen On TikTok:

 β˜† How to show up as a business on the fastest growing social media platform.
β˜† How to create TikTok videos that get on your dream customers FYP (every damn time).
β˜† How to get good engagement on every video.
β˜† How to create brand new content pillars specifically for TikTok.
β˜† My best kept tips, tricks, and techniques to create such relatable content that it gets TENS OF THOUSANDS of shares.
β˜† An explanation of how to make your relatable content SALESY (without being ~slimy~).
β˜† The four types of conversion content that actually sells on TikTok.
β˜† How to create a killer caption.
β˜† How to optimize your hashtag use.
β˜† How to write a bio that stands out.
β˜† How to create and optimize your TikTok account (if you’re new to the platform!).
β˜† How to turn any content idea into a viral-worthy video.
β˜† What things to AVOID doing on TikTok (so you don't get shadowbanned!).
β˜† How to show up on TikTok in a way that feels DAMN good to YOU.
Start going viral on TikTok!!!


What is the format of Be Seen On TikTok?

Be Seen On TikTok consists of 9 pre-recorded video modules.

Be Seen On TikTok also comes with a customizable workbook to create your own content pillars and brainstorm content ideas and scripts, PLUS over 80 plug-and-play pre-written scripts (with examples for both service-based AND product-based businesses) that you can customize and use for your own TikTok account.


What is the refund policy?

Due to the immediate access to this course, there is no return policy.


Who is Be Seen On TikTok for?

Honestly, ANYONE.

  • Service-based businesses who have thousands of followers but can’t seem to find clients.
  • Product-based businesses who are stuck at 200 views.
  • Brand new businesses who have no idea what to post as their first video.
  • Budding influencers who want to monetize their following.
  • Coaches and consultants who are looking to build a loyal audience.
  • Brick & Mortar businesses who want to get in front of local audiences.
  • Authors who don’t know how to get in front of their dream customers.
  • Artists who want to understand how to sell without being salesy about it.
  • Literally ANYONE who wants to master TikTok.


Can I work with you 1:1 instead?

Unfortunately, I'm not currently accepting 1:1 clients at the moment. Feel free to reach out via email ([email protected]) to tell me a little about what you're looking for and I'll let you know when I'm opening more 1:1 spots!

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